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When Micronesia, Marianas Island, Solomon Island and Haiti Under Tidores's Sultan Nuku Power

BCFOS -- At the time of this Sultan Nuku, Tidore reach the kingdom of glory and become a respected throughout the region, including by the European colonial. At the time of Sultan Nuku also, power to the Pacific island of Tidore. According to historical records Tidore, Nuku Sultan himself came and gave the name of the islands which he mastered, from Micronesia to Melanesia and the Solomon Islands. The names of the islands are still using the name to this day is Nuku Nuku hyphae, Nuku Oro, Nuku Maboro, Nuku Nau, Nuku Lae-lae, and Nuku Nuku Nono Fetau.

Along with the entry of European colonial rule, Christianity was also entered Tidore. However, due to the influence of Islam that is so entrenched, then religion is not successfully develop its influence in Tidore.

Other areas included in the power of Tidore is Haiti and the Archipelago Nuku Lae-lae, Nuku Fetau, and Nuku Nuku Nono Wange.


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