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Indonesian Tidore Root of Haiti

BCFOS -- According to historical records of Indonesian Tidore Sultanate, Nuku Sultan (Prince Nuku) visited his vast land of authority in Pacific Islands and gave the name of the islands which he mastered, from Micronesia to Melanesia and the Solomon Islands.

The names of the islands are still using his name to this day is Nuku Nuku hyphae, Nuku Oro, Nuku Maboro, Nuku Nau, Nuku Lae-lae, and Nuku Nuku Nono Fetau.

Other areas included in the power of Tidore is Haiti and the Archipelago Nuku Lae-lae (or Nukulaelae in Tivalu), Nuku Fetau (or Nukufetau in Tivalu), and Nuku Nuku Nono Wange.

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"Columbus admitted in his papers that on Monday, October 21, 1492 CE, while his ship was sailing near Gibara on the north-east coast of Cuba, he saw a mosque on the top of a beautiful mountain. The ruins of mosques and minarets with inscriptions of Qur'anic verses have been discovered in Cuba, Mexico, Texas, and Nevada. During his second voyage, Columbus was told by the Indians of Espanola (Haiti) that Black people had been to the island before his arrival. For proof, they presented Columbus with the spears of these African Muslims. These weapons were tipped with a yellow metal that the Indians called Guanine, a word of West African derivation meaning gold alloy. Oddly enough, it is related to the Arabic world 'Ghinaa' which means 'Wealth'." (source)


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