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Diplomat of PAEDOPHILIAN's Country


Amlapura, Bali-RRI-Online,
Prosecutors on Tuesday asked judges in Indonesia's Bali island to jail a former Australian diplomat for 12 years for having sex with boys, saying the holiday island has become a "heaven for paedophiles."

The behavior of William Stuart Brown, 52, alias Tony, not only damaged the psyche and behavior of his victims but could lower Bali's status in the eyes of the world, prosecutors told the Karangasem district court in eastern Bali.

"In fact Bali could be regarded as a heaven for paedophiles," their statement warned.

Reporters were barred from the trial because it concerns children. Lucius Sunarno, the court spokesman and one of the judges hearing the case, recounted the prosecution statements in a briefing afterwards.

The trial comes amid concern that the island has become a haven for foreign paedophiles. Three Australian federal police officers have been posted to Bali to work with their local counterparts to combat the crime.

The charge against Brown alleges he "lured, through the use of violence, trickery or a series of lies, two children (aged 16 and 14) to engage in, or allowed them to engage in, sexual acts."

In addition to the jail demand prosecutors asked that he be fined Rp 60 million (US$7,000). The maximum penalty is 15 years in prison and a Rp 300 million fine.

As a former diplomat and teacher, Brown should have been a role model, the prosecution said, according to Sunarno.

Wearing a necktie, Brown appeared startled at the prosecutors' request but said nothing, Sunarno said.

As he was led away to a prison van after trial, Brown swore at news photographers and held up documents to try to hide his face.

Prosecutors called eight witnesses including the two victims.

The defense will present its case on April 27. Judges have not formally found Brown guilty and do not have to follow the sentence recommendation

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