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Save Indonesia From Aussy's Paedophiles!!!

"The arrest in Bali last month of Australian William Stuart Brown for sex offences against children has again thrown the spotlight on paedophile activity by Australians in Indonesia. As David O'Shea reports, paedophilia has now become widespread in Bali, where economic hardship is fuelling the trade in sex. This investigation reveals new allegations of organised networks and a host of tragedies that have gone unnoticed and unpunished. Of course the impact on the victims is devastating and tonight's report is not appropriate for children or others who may find parts of it disturbing."

(There follows an interview with Australian JUSTICE MINISTER Senator Chris Ellison)

REPORTER: David O’Shea

DR SURYANI (Translation): Take a deep breath. Release it slowly through your nose. Breathe normally. I will take you back to the incident when you had an unpleasant experience with Tony.

15-year-old ‘xxxx’ is undergoing hypnosis. He's one of the two boys who accuse the man they knew as Tony of sodomy.

DR SURYANI (Translation): Feel the cleansing of your entire body of all traces of Mr Tony's grasp.

Psychiatrist Dr Suryani is the founder of the Committee Against Sexual Abuse in Bali. She has offered to help the boys with therapy.

DR SURYANI (Translation): Let it pass... you will begin life again now... if you are calm... slowly open your eyes... you have returned to normal.

But getting back to normal will not be easy. Almost six weeks after the alleged incident, ‘xxxx’ still finds it difficult to walk. The mental pain may take even longer to heal.

DR SURYANI (Translation): Apart from inserting his private part into your anus, what else did he ask you to do?

‘XXXX’ (Translation): Sucking dick.

DR SURYANI (Translation): Sucking what?

‘XXXX’ (Translation): Dick.

DR SURYANI (Translation): His dick?

‘XXXX’ (Translation): Mine.

DR SURYANI (Translation): Your dick. Who sucked it?

‘XXXX’ (Translation): Tony.

DR SURYANI (Translation): How did you feel?

‘XXXX’ (Translation): I felt hatred.

DR SURYANI (Translation): You hated Tony...

Tony's real name is William Stuart Brown, and he was the former second secretary of AUSAID at Australia's embassy in Jakarta. He was recalled because of concerns over his conduct, but since then he has spent a lot of time back in Indonesia, most recently settling in East Bali. But with 63 others, this is his new home, Amlapura jail. The head officer tells me his cell is over there in the corner.

REPORTER: So you've got nothing to say at all?

WILLIAM STUART BROWN: Piss off. I told you not the come here, you bastard. Anything I say you twist it and turn. What I'll tell you is that what has been reported in the newspapers is a total twisting and distortion of what I've been saying.


WILLIAM STUART BROWN: Yeah, particularly the guy from the 'Canberra Times' saying I taunted the police. That's not true. What I said was I didn't believe the police were looking for me because they hadn't looked me up when they had the opportunity. Sorry, sorry. Twist and turn what I say, OK. I told them not to come.

Before his arrest, Brown had chosen to establish himself in Gelumpang village in East Bali. Members of the Committee Against Sexual Abuse, or CASA, have come here to investigate whether there's any evidence that Brown was part of a wider network. The village chief shows us that he'd only just started building a house here.

GELUMPANG VILLAGE CHIEF (Translation): I don't know what it was going to be.

But Brown was not the first foreigner to set up in Gelumpang. A decade ago, notorious paedophile Robert Dolly Dunn, who Brown knew, lived in this house just around the corner. The village chief was surprised to learn that Dunn was now in an Australian jail serving a 30-year sentence for paedophilia.

GELUMPANG VILLAGE CHIEF (Translation): I never heard anything like that.

But according to him, Robert Dunn was a little more discreet than Tony.

GELUMPANG VILLAGE CHIEF (Translation): I never saw him with the kids around here.

REPORTER: You didn't?

GELUMPANG VILLAGE CHIEF (Translation): Not then. Not like Tony. He was blatant. He used to hug the kids and take them places.

Even though Brown spent his days in the company of young children, nobody in the village suspected anything. Indonesians are often naturally trusting of foreigners. The father and aunt of the boy Dr Suryani has been treating with hypnosis were perhaps a little naive about the friendly stranger.

‘XXXX’FATHER (Translation): He would often park his vehicle outside my house. He was building something there and children would play there. Perhaps he had other intentions and wanted to recruit children. He would buy them meatballs, sweets. They would say "Tony is so good. He gives us money." Children kept being lured there. In the evening he'd take them swimming. I didn't understand what he was getting in return.

The Balinese police now have in their possession what would appear to be some incriminating material to back up the prosecution's case. They claim it was found on Brown's computer although he denies ever putting it there.

BALINESE POLICE (Translation): This is one of the photos we found on his computer. Among others we have photos taken in Java, when he was in Java, in Pangandaran. We have other documents including exchanges of private thoughts on how to get off with kids. He might have got this email from someone but the suspect isn't admitting anything...

REPORTER: Can this sort of thing be used as evidence?

BALINESE POLICE (Translation): It can be used as supporting evidence, taken into consideration, because it's from the suspect's computer. The judge can take it into consideration when deciding whether to find him guilty of paedophilia.

Dateline has seen the file on William Brown which police plan to use in any upcoming trial. His name first caught the Indonesian police's attention in 1996 when he lived on the neighbouring island of Lombok.

INDONESIAN POLICE (Translation): In 1996 William Stuart Brown was in Lombok and stayed with Robert Dolly Dunn. However, the police were unable to prove he was involved in paedophilia.

Last week, William Brown was transferred to the Ministry of Justice from his prison cell. His trial is expected within weeks. While he has reportedly denied the charges of sodomy, this is what he lawyer had to say most recently.

LAWYER: He say he do that, they do that, they like it and they're not forced on them.

REPORTER: But they're injured. They're injured, they are hurt, are they not?

LAWYER: No, no, no.

REPORTER: The medical evidence is that they are surely they're injured.

LAWYER: He not hurt him, they not hurt them.

REPORTER: But surely the doctor's evidence is that they were hurt?

LAWYER: Yeah, we just can what was said in the court is it true or not with... with the witness. This is my job, yeah.

REPORTER: He is saying that's not true?

LAWYER: It is not true, he's saying it's not true, yeah.

REPORTER: But he is admitting having sex with 14-year-old...

LAWYER: That's right.

But researchers and activists in Bali claim that the William Brown case is just the tip of an iceberg. They say foreign men, sexually abusing children is widespread. The prolonged economic downturn is making it worse and it's not only confined to Bali, but also on Dolly Dunn and William Brown's earlier home, the island of Lombok.

UNYIL (Translation): It's happened here a lot, not just once, or twice. Many times.

Unyil is a local surfer who was once a street kid. He's seen the foreigners come and go over the years but some of the paedophiles have decided to stay on.

UNYIL (Translation): They've been here a long time, not just a year or two. They've been here a very long time. And always with kids. Every time I go to the beach at sunset I see them hanging around with kids in cafes or in restaurants or on the beach drinking Coca-Cola or whatever.

Unyil says that many paedophiles rent houses in his suburb in the Sengiggi area. He agrees to show me how many have moved in to what is in fact only a small suburb. The first house we pass is rented by someone he knows as ‘yyyy’.

UNYIL (Translation): He's from Germany. He likes to take kids out. He buys them ice cream, takes them out to have fun. Then he takes them home. You know what happens next. This house is sometimes used for parties. For parties with primary school kids.

REPORTER: They have parties?

UNYIL (Translation): Yes. Then they take them away one by one, two today, two the next day. This is one of their houses. They use it for selling children. They also use it for events, for parties. It connects to that other house. There are two doors. You can go in one, out the other and no-one will know.

And then a man that I'd heard about before, an old Dutch man who uses the name ‘zzzz’

UNYIL (Translation): This is Mr ‘zzzz’ secret place. A lot of transactions go on here, buying children. He finds them himself or pays others to find them. He spends a week here, then moves on. He's got lots of places.

‘zzzz’ is notorious in Sengiggi. This 13-year-old boy is one of the children he preyed on.

‘XXXX’ (Translation): I was very happy to meet a tourist like that. He was good. He was good at first. After that, he would always buy me the Coca-Cola I liked. After I finished drinking two bottles of Coca-Cola, I felt dizzy and lost consciousness. After I regained consciousness, I could see... I was bleeding. I was bleeding and wondered what had happened.

REPORTER: Bleeding from where?

‘XXXX’ (Translation): From my behind. He asked "Did you enjoy being with me last night?” I asked what he meant. He said, "I'm sure you did. I enjoyed it too." There was all this blood. Blood everywhere. I was crying. I was ashamed. I was so ashamed.

This boy is like many of the victims, they're orphans or from broken homes. They're drawn to the tourist beaches where a homeless boy has half a chance of scratching a living. He'd been here less than a week when he met the Dutchman ‘zzzz’. The older boys have seen it time and time again. It's the naive country kids who become the victims.

BOY 1 (Translation): Some of them are clever. Others are not. The smart ones only want money and nothing else. They find an excuse to refuse the sex. But there are others who get it. The dumb ones. It's like that. Even the smart ones have friends who have been done. They sell themselves because they want the money.

BOY 2 (Translation): There are many of them here who like boys.

REPORTER: Why is this place well known for that?

BOY 2 (Translation): I don't know. Maybe... because of the economy, it's easier to find boys here. Perhaps it's harder in their own countries. No-one is willing. But because the economy here is weak, it's easier for them to use money.

So many people here choose to turn a blind eye, like the staff of this hotel.

HOTEL WORKER (Translation): It's true he often brings children but whether there is cruelty involved I don't know. We're just staff here, we just serve them.

But there are now the first signs that the issue is to be taken more seriously. Members of Dr Suryani's group have managed to set up a meeting with Bali's police chief to press him to take action.

MADE PASTIKA (Translation): So I think if there's any information about this...

Made Pastika is well known in Australia for his work on the Bali bomb investigation.

MADE PASTIKA (Translation): To tell the truth, for the past eight months I've had other concerns. I've had a lot of other things to attend to.

But with most of the bombers in jail, he's finally able to concentrate on paedophilia.

MADE PASTIKA (Translation): It's a global problem and we can't remain silent or pretend we don't know. We must be concerned. I agree.

But even Made Pastika finds it difficult to accept the extent of the problem, especially that Indonesians could be involved.

MADE PASTIKA (Translation): In Bali there are no cases involving Balinese. Balinese with Balinese. It's started. Has it?

One of the CASA delegates is Gloria Goodwin, a nurse who runs a community health crisis centre in Lovina, a known paedophile haunt in the north of Bali. She says there are cultural reasons that paedophiles, both homosexual and heterosexual, can operate so freely here.

GLORIA GOODWIN: Everybody's dream in Bali, every family's dream is to have a rich uncle, a rich tourist uncle who will support the family. Their money is greatly needed, of course, which makes it so easy for a paedophile to buy their way in, to buy the use of a child.

Gloria has seen the physical damage and heard testimony from scores of children who allege abuse at the hands of Westerners. She's convinced that there is a well established paedophile network here, exchanging photos and information on which boys to search for and where. This boy is one who has told her what he knows. After falling victim to an Australian paedophile at the age of 7, there was a procession of others.

‘XXXX’ (Translation): They looked for me. We met on the beach.

REPORTER: The foreigners knew where to look for you?

‘XXXX’ (Translation): Yes.

REPORTER: How would they know this?

‘XXXX’ (Translation): I don't know. Maybe from their friends. Maybe they'd seen my photo.

REPORTER: Did someone take your photo?

‘XXXX’ (Translation): Yes.

REPORTER: What sort of photo?

‘XXXX’ (Translation): Maybe a photo of me swimming at the beach or in the bathroom. Maybe in the bedroom. I don't know.

REPORTER: So they came to look for you by name?

‘XXXX’ (Translation): Yes.

Once he was familiar with the routine, they put him to work sourcing other boys for the group.

‘XXXX’ (Translation): I was asked to find some friends.

REPORTER: They asked you to find friends?

‘XXXX’ (Translation): Yes.

REPORTER: Did you help them find your friends?

‘XXXX’ (Translation): I didn't know at first. I invited my friends.

REPORTER: Was there always sex?

‘XXXX’ (Translation): Yes. Always.

Gloria Goodwin has heard some disturbing reports of missing children and even of murder.

GLORIA GOODWIN: One boy told me his brother was killed by a paedophile.


GLORIA GOODWIN: The child told me his brother was killed and dropped down a hole near the beach.

REPORTER: Killed, what - what do you mean? Murdered? In what way?

GLORIA GOODWIN: The expression this child used was that it was sexual panic.

REPORTER: So during a sexual act he was killed?

GLORIA GOODWIN: This is what the child told me.

REPORTER: And how old was the child that told you that?


REPORTER: And he talking about his own brother?


REPORTER: Who was how old?


REPORTER: And obviously the 12-year-old was there?


REPORTER: And ran away or?

GLORIA GOODWIN: This is what he told me, that he ran away.

Gloria has told Dateline the name of the alleged murderer, who still lives in Bali. She passed this information to the police last year but no action was taken. The man runs an aid project set up to help poor children. Gloria's suspicions were first raised when they discussed working together in the villages that he looks after.

GLORIA GOODWIN: I went there on two occasions to the area, to the villages where he is, where he works and I was... I wasn't comfortable with the body language of the children and how they were hesitant to go near him.

Gloria's account is backed up by others in Bali. Martin Boriss is part of a church group who had travelled to the aid project wanting to donate some money. But he was so disturbed by what he saw there that he decided to join the Committee Against Sexual Abuse.

REPORTER: And how did the people there react to him in his presence?

MARTIN BORISS: The people react actually very cold to him. It was nothing what I could feel there was a warm feeling or he was very welcome. That was another thing which I found very strange because when he came, there was no-one children who comes to him and really welcome him warmly. This is what I was absolutely missing also.

Martin, Gloria and the other members of CASA can do nothing about it. They can only rely on the police to consider their input and mount a serious investigation. Despite the encouraging signs from the police in the William Brown case, there is still a huge question mark over what happens when cases hit the court.

DR SURYANI (Translation): Everyone in Bali should try to encourage prosecutors and judges to think of our nation's self-respect, not money.

Dr Suryani has good reason to be sceptical about the courts. The first-ever conviction of a paedophile in Bali occurred in 2001. Italian, Mario Mannara, was convicted of multiple counts of sexual abuse of young children. He was sentenced to only 10 months in jail but was able to buy his freedom after four months. She wants the Brown case to set an example.

DR SURYANI (Translation): In the Mario case they seemed to be mocking us. It was so easy for paedophiles to operate here. Can we use this apparently minor case... if we can resolve it it will break up an international ring that believes the law can be bought.

MADE PASTIKA (Translation): I'm concerned about this. I hope that doesn't happen. I'll use my influence with prosecutors and judges to ensure a more... optimal outcome... for law enforcement.

Whatever happens to William Brown, those who deal with the victims are pleading that we don't lose sight of the bigger picture.

GLORIA GOODWIN: I think just one case is horrific, but to hear so many is just unacceptable. Totally unacceptable. We cannot let this go on with these Balinese children like this. This is just totally unacceptable. It's against humanity.

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