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Indonesia's Kingdom of Tidore Territorial Sovereignty Stretch From Papua, Pacific and Haiti

BCFOS -- Kingdom of Tidore established since 1108 AD and stands as an independent kingdom until the end of the 18th century AD after that, the kingdom of Tidore is in Dutch colonial rule. After Indonesia gained its independence, Tidore became part of the Unitary State of Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).

In its heyday, the kingdom of Tidore include areas large enough to reach the Pacific Islands.

Region around the island of Tidore which became part of its territory is Papua, group of islands of Raja Ampat and the island of Seram.

In the Pacific Islands, Micronesia includes the power of Tidore, Marianas Islands, Marshall, Ngulu, Capita Gamrange Islands, Melanesia, Solomon Islands and some islands are still using the identity of Nuku, as Nuku Haifa, Nuku Oro, Nuku Nuku Maboro and Nau. Other areas included in the power of Tidore is Haiti and the Archipelago Nuku Lae-lae, Nuku Fetau, and Nuku Nuku Nono Wange.


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