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Vanuatu PM Stops Local Pilots From Being Fired

BCFOS -- Vanuatu’s Prime Minister has ordered the country’s national airline to ditch plans to prioritise foreign pilots over locals.

Air Vanuatu is thought to currently employ about 14 Vanuatu nationals as pilots and 11 more from overseas.

According to The Daily Post newspaper, the airline had been planning to put off some of the ni-Vanuatu pilots and replace them with expatriates.

But in a letter obtained by the newspaper, Prime Minister Charlot Salwai told the airline’s board to think again.

“I want to inform you that my Government will no longer tolerate this action to continue to happen: no termination of ni-Vanuatu pilot of Air Vanuatu will be allowed,” wrote Mr Salwai.

The Vanuatu government is one of the airline’s main shareholders and earlier this year gave the company a significant new financial loan.

The Prime Minister says Air Vanuatu needs to remember it represents the country.

“Air Vanuatu Operations Ltd is a national company and the investments made to develop its human resource shall be considered as investments for the development of this nation,” he wrote.


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