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Jenkwon, Marshall Islands Food for Emergency and Long Sailing

BCFOS -- A preserved food called Jenkwon in Marshallese is made from pandanus that epitomizes a southern plant. Its characteristic feature is length of preservation. It lasts more than ten years at normal temperature, which was outstanding of Marshallese preservation foods such as Ametama, Bwiro, etc.

How to make Jenkwon is very simple! Boil, spread thinly and dry under the sun. It is made from only pandanus meet without sugar or salt. It tastes like dry mango and is little more sweet and sour than it. It goes well with coconut milk.

Once Jenkwon used to be made in everywhere in the Marshall Islands for storage for emergency and food during long sailing by canoe. In particular, people live in the northern area which is the sever environment had to store food for drought and sailing to other island with Jenkwon in order to get more food for their family.


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