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When Sultan of Tidore-Ternate Grants Dutch and Missionary Permission to Settle in Papua

BCFOS -- The Role of Sultan Ternate for Dutch Settlement

Historically Fakfak was a significant port town, being one of the few Papuan towns that had relations with the Sultanate of Ternate, being bound to it.

The Sultanate later granted the Dutch colonial government permission to settle in Papua, including in Fakfak. The Dutch began settlement in 1898. The town still has some colonial buildings remaining from this settlement.


The Role of Sultan Tidore for Evangelism permission in Papua

Tidore sultanate who own Papua gave permission Christian missionaries to visit Papua via Mansinam. As soon as the letter from the Government Balanda are up to Ternate, Ottow and Geisler was overjoyed by the news of departure to Papua. Geisler was very excited and wrote down his delight in his book.

In 30 May 1854, finally they arrived in Ternate to J.E.Hoveker and wife (who since 1833 as a small Protestant pastor in Ternate) as well as living together in his house. There, they learn and deepen the Malay language as well as learn to analyze various information about the situation in Papua after being patient to wait for half a year.

They then received permission letter from the Sultan Tidore to travel. At that time the Dutch resident trying to deceive the Sultan that Ottow and Geissler are natural researcher. But Sultan who already know their identity, said "ah.. they are evangelism missionaries" do not alter their status, let them spread Christianity to them. Sultan then give Permit for them even instructed the chiefs to protect and help them if they are short of food.

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