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Papuan Activist says Papua Part of Indonesia is Final, End of Discussion Sovereignty is Non-Negotiable

BATAK CENTER FOR OCEANIAN STUDIES -- In the middle of the pros and cons of the opening a representative office of the Free Papua Organization in Oxford England, former Foreign Minister of Free Papua Movement (OPM) Nick Messet conveyed his statement on it.

He stated Papuan independence is not possible because the world have recognized Papua or formerly Irian Barat through the United Nations as an integral part of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) sovereignty.

"The issue of Papua has been completed since 19 November 1969 by the UN Security Council, authorizing that West Irian, now called Papua is belong to Indonesian, so from that moment on Papua issue already closed, the book has finished (no need for more discussion) and undisputed," Nick said when contacted, Tuesday, May 7, 2013, according to the report of viva.co.id.

So, he said, if anybody currently have challenged the issue of Papua and dreaming of independence, it's just futile that will never bring good results.

Legality of Papua as a part of Indonesia, Nick added, had been applied since August 4, 1928, where, at that time the Governor General of the Netherlands recognized the West Irian (Papua) as part of Indonesia.

"So when the youth oath (Sumpah Pemuda 1928) echoed, West Irian or Papua is already included in Indonesia," Nick said who for 40 years fighting for Papuan independence in Europe.

However, he added, in the course of history, the Netherlands denied it and even lie to people of Papua.
"Dutch hokeyed Papuans, they said Papua was not part of Indonesia, but to the whole world, the Netherlands shohw it recognized Papua/Irian Barat is Indonesian territory," he said.

The struggle in vain

Even after the Act of (the Act) in 1962, the founder of the Free Papua Movement Nikolas Youwe asked US President on why it admit Papua part of Indonesia.

"It was Mr. Nikolas Youwe asks the American president John F Keneddy, why you sell my land of Papua, and John F Keneddy said it’s not the American which sell it, but it’s the Netherlands which recognizes West Papua/Irian Barat as legal part of Indonesia," he said.

So that, from that moment, Papua independence struggle is in vain because the world already recognize Papua/Irian Barat is part of Indonesia and inseparable.

"Since John F Keneddy stated that the Netherlands which recognizes Papua part of Indonesia, Nikolas Youwe was despair, all this struggle is futile and impossible, the Act (Pepera) is only a formality, so that the world knows the return of the Papua to Indonesia in accordance with international law,” he said.

Regarding the Benny Wenda group maneuvering by opening OPM office in Oxford, Nick Messet stated it was a bluff and did not have the strength for the British government does not support it.

"We have also opened offices in Senegal and Sweden, but all were in vain, the world only recognizes Papua part of Indonesia sovereignty," he added for short.

"When given the opportunity to speak (in New Zealand) I said I've been fighting 40 years in Europe for Papua independence. But all in vain because the world through the United Nations recognizes Papua is part of Indonesia, better let's build Papua with the spirit of the special autonomy that has been given by the government," he said.


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