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NTT to promote traditional whaling

BCFOS -- The local administration will promote traditional whaling in Lamalera District, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia, Governor Frans Lebu Raya stated.

This plan is based on the fact that foreign tourists are drawn to such tourist attractions, the governor noted here on Tuesday.

According to Raya, if traditional whaling becomes part of the tourism agenda, then Lamalera can become one of the popular tourist destinations in the country.

"Currently, an Australian research team is studying the whales in Lamalera. We expect the research will support the practice of traditional whaling as one of the tourist attractions in East Nusa Tenggara," the governor remarked.

The traditional whaling activity in Lamalera can only be carried out by the local fishermen who pass on their hunting skills from generation to generation.

Traditional whaling in Lamalera solely relies on traditional tools, such as a wooden boat without engines called peledang and a hooked spear made of steel known as tempuling, which is used in hunting.

The tradition of whaling, which is called Leva Nuang, is held from May 1 to October 31 every year.

Before the hunt, the local people hold a ritual on April 29 called Tobu Neme Vate, which connects them with the landlords in Batu Paus.

On May 1, the people hold an opening mass, and the whaling season lasts from May 2 until the end of October.

In addition to observing traditional whaling and the rituals, travelers can enjoy the natural panorama of the beaches in Lamalera. 


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