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Australia's Made Culture of Paedophile & Homosexual

Australian serial killers hated paedophiles, court hears

ADELAIDE: Four men accused of Australia’s worst serial killings targeted family and associates in a grisly chain of murders motivated in part by financial gain and a hatred of paedophiles, a court heard on Wednesday.

Crown prosecutor Wendy Abraham alleged that John Bunting, 36, and Robert Wagner, 30, had increasingly stepped up the pace between killings in the “bodies in the barrels” case, and had committed eight murders in just 15 months during the mid-1990s.

She said Wagner and Bunting had a hatred for people they categorised as paedophiles and “did not distinguish” between paedophiles and homosexuals.

The crimes came to light when police found the rotting remains of eight bodies stuffed into plastic barrels and hidden in the disused vault of an old country bank in Snowtown.

Another four murders were later added to the case.

Abraham told a jury in the southern city of Adelaide it would hear evidence that Bunting, a former abattoir worker, and Wagner, unemployed, spoke of victims needing to “go to the clinic”.

That meant they should be killed, she said.

When they spoke of “slice and dice”, it meant a body was to be cut up or mutilated.

“At times there were only weeks between murders,” Abraham told the South Australian Supreme Court at the opening of the long-awaited trial into allegations of torture, dismemberment and of stripping flesh from victims’ bodies.

Abrahams alleged the defendants, and two others, received nearly A$95,000 ($52,000) in social security payments in eight of the victims’ names after they were murdered.

Abraham said the pace of the killings slowed after the 1998 murder of Elizabeth Haydon, when police began investigating her disappearance. Her husband Mark Haydon, 43, also faces charges of murder in a separate but related trial to be held later.

Bunting is charged with all 12 murders allegedly committed between 1992 and 1999. He has pleaded not guilty in all cases. Wagner has admitted three of the murders, but is charged with a further eight counts.

A fourth man, James Vlassakis, 22, has admitted four charges of murder, including those of his step-brother David Johnson and half-brother Troy Youde. —Reuters

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